Clean Environment

Nongovernmental organization in public interest
About us
European Clean Environment Initiative  is a non-profit association, carrying out activities in public interest.
The association aims to implement effective forms of participation at local, regional, central and international levels towards solving priority problems in environmental monitoring and protection.
Public awareness
We raise public awareness and engagement on environmental issues and solutions
Environment protection
We support business initiatives in the field of environmental solutions to reduce the carbon footprint
Promoting good practices
We support the promotion of good practices in the field of environmental protection and the process of integration of European legislation

Our mission

Our mission is to unite the efforts of businesses, authorities and citizens towards swift
actions to improve the environmental balance for a sustainable and greener future.

Plamen Ilarionov

Chairman of the Board

Tsenislav Vlaknenski

Board Member; Еcology expert

Sonya Ivanova

Board Member; Operations Manager

Racho Rachev



Know the air

Know the air is a project aimed at making air quality data available to citizens in schools, kindergartens, parks, residential areas and other public locations by deploying air monitoring stations.

The main goal of the initiative is to achieve transparency and public awareness about the environment in Bulgaria. Based on the accumulated data on pollution levels and identified problem areas, a dialogue will be sought with state institutions to initiate programs and take measures to improve air quality for us and the generations to come.


If you recognize our mission as your own, if you want to contribute to a positive change in the field of ecology, get involved in our common cause for a cleaner environment!

There are several ways to do this:

Make a donation
Make a donation to support the activities of the association and the implementation of our projects.

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Become a member
Become a member of the association and actively participate in our projects. Contact us to learn more about the types of membership.
Volunteer in our projects or during an event. Contact us to learn more.